Peixoto Ines

Mikä lasketaan kestäväksi villakuitumarkkinoilla? Tutkimus neulekäsitöistä ja standardien luomisesta lankateollisuudelleWool is a renewable and biodegradable natural fibre but it is uncertain that the wool yarn that we knit or that factories use to weave our clothes is sustainable throughout the whole supply chain. Should we buy organic, ethical, or responsible wool, and how do these labels resonate with the values of farmers, yarn makers, garment producers, and creative users? This research project examines how actors negotiate the values and evaluative principles that constitute socially constructed notions of sustainability in a particular context and how these are used to produce societal resources that support sustainable production. It zooms in to focus on local solutions produced through political consumerism, creative participation and entrepreneuring. It zooms out to study global solutions constructed in standardisation and private regulation initiatives. The project contributes to a societal discussion on the sustainability of wool by engaging with local and global stakeholders.