Grammatikopoulou Ioanna

Etelä-Suomen soiden ekosysteemipalveluiden arvo-To make the invisible changes to the flow of peatlands’ benefits visible by assigning monetary values on the ecosystem services. -To integrate the value of the most important ecosystem services through the evaluation of services using monetary metrics. Integrated values give an overview of the value of peatland as an ecosystem which is essential information for designing policies concerning the use of ecosystems. -To assist policy makers on deciding the allocation of different peatland uses; the share that should be used as a fuel source for bio-economy and the share that should be preserved for the provision of ecosystem services and protection of biodiversity. -To highlight citizens’ and landowners’ preferences for peatland conservation and for their use in peat extraction. -To enhance the choice experiment valuation method by investigating how respondents react to varying timing of conservation costs, and to identify individual discount rates for welfare analysis.