Fazel Modares Nasim

Ilmastonmuutoksen ja ravinnekuormitusten vähentämiseen tähtäävien poliittisten keinojen taloudelliset ja ympäristölliset vaikutukset maatalousvaltaisilla valuma-alueilla Itämeren alueella.To overcome inefficiency of current nutrient abatement policies in the Baltic Sea region in agricultural sector this project presents a novel integrated hydro-economic modeling framework to investigate the feasibility and efficiency of tradable nutrient permits and incentive-based policies in joint implementation with CO2 mitigation targets. The project takes a step forward and investigate the scope for jointly delivering cost-effective nutrient abatement and reductions in GHG emissions within agricultural basins. The main goal of the project is to develop and implement an economic-hydrologic decision making tool to identify the trade-offs between nutrient and CO2 abatement policies, and their environmental and economic consequences in agriculture. The project evaluates farmers’ behavior in response to nutrient and CO2 abatement targets. Project identifies the optimal crop pattern and agricultural practices constrained to technology, abatement measures and environmental objectives.