Li Xin

Metalli-orgaaninen kehyspohjainen kalvon in-situ malli juomaveden käsittelyyn.This project dedicates to in situ design metal organic framework (MOF) based membrane for sustainable drinking water treatment, especially focusing on the high-efficiency removal of heavy metals and micropollutants. Based on the rational design, MOF-based membrane with well-defined MOFs will be obtained by combining the synthesis of MOFs with the fabrication of polymer membrane. The in situ formation process (e.g., self-assemble and contra-diffusion) of MOFs will be analyzed. The effects of in situ introduced MOFs on the structure-property relationship of obtained membrane will be explored. More attentions will focus on the removal process and mechanism of MOF-based membrane for heavy metals (e.g., Cr6+ and Pb2+) and micropollutants (e.g., pesticides and pharmaceuticals) from aquatic environment. This project will solve the problem of low pollutants removal efficiency for traditional membrane and offer technical support for membrane application in sustainable drinking water treatment