Abu-Danso Emmanuel Kafui

Magneettiset nanokomposiitit jäteveden metallien poistossa ja talteenotossaThe goal of proposed research is to synthesize magnetic nano-composites (MNCs) and their application for the removal of toxic metals (e.g., arsenic, chromium, lead, cadmium, mercury etc.) from wastewater. Cellulose has been used as precursor, which is regarded as the most abundant and renewable biopolymer in nature. Cellulose-and its composites (using chitosan and clay) have been tuned and experimental factors are optimized such that MNCs are effective across a wide pH range, exhibit high metals’ uptake capacities and fast kinetics. MNC will be recovered simply by applying the magnetic field. It will prevent the escape of nano-particles into the environment. Thus, this project addresses a sustainable solution for metals contaminated wastewater that safeguards precious water resources by removing and recovering metals from contaminated wastewaters. Based on the batch optimization studies, column and pilot studies are in progress for metals removal and recovery.