The funded projects for 2022 have been chosen – Nessling Foundation grants EUR 2.3 million to promote the sustainability transformation to protect natural systems

The Foundation received 407 applications in autumn 2022. The applications show that young researchers around Finland are conducting high-level, innovative research that aims to contribute to building an ecologically sustainable future across different disciplines. In 2022, we are funding a total of 28 projects.

Our funding total is EUR  2,338,850 million. Funding was granted to slightly under 7% of applicants. Funding was granted to 12 doctoral thesis projects, 8 post-doc projects and 8 projects focused on the implementation of scientific environmental information. The funded projects represent 16 different operators, including universities, research institutes and other organisations.

The organisation are: University of Helsinki (6 funded prjojects), Aalto University (3), University of Tampere (3), University of Eastern Finland (2), University of Jyväskylä (2), Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (2), an association (2), a company (2), HAMK (1), Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE (1), Finnish Institute for Wealth and Welfare THL (1), University of Turku (1), foreign university (1), other (1).

“The best news to come out of the 2022 applications was that people are carrying out high-quality research promoting an ecologically sustainable future across Finland in many different fields. The projects that were granted funding also include many multidisciplinary research projects”, says Minttu Jaakkola, Science and Executive Director of Nessling Foundation. 

The funded 28 projects represent the following disciplines: natural sciences (10 projects), multidisciplinary (5), social sciences (5), sustainability sciences (3), educational sciences (1), economics (1), technics (1), other (2).

We will present some of the projects that received funding in more detail in the coming weeks.

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Would you like to get feedback on your application?

Was your project left without funding? We are happy to give feedback to applicants. The feedback is based on the expert committee’s meeting notes regarding the application. The feedback will be delivered by phone after the applicant has made an appointment. The Foundation does not have the resources to prepare written email feedback on projects that did not receive funding. 

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