Would you like feedback on your application? Book a feedback time here

If you applied for funding from the Nessling Foundation during the 2023 application period but were not granted funding, you can now request feedback on your application. There are a limited number of time slots, and they are only intended for people who participated in the autumn 2023 application.

Applicants can request feedback on their applications once the funded projects have been made public. The feedback is based on the Nessling Foundation expert committee’s notes regarding the application. 

The feedback will be provided by phone after the applicant has made an appointment. The Foundation does not have the resources to prepare written feedback on projects that did not receive funding.

To choose a feedback time, use the booking calendar. There are a limited number of time slots, so make sure to use the time you have booked or cancel the booking, if necessary.

The time slot is 5 minutes long. The feedback will be provided by phone, so please remember to leave your phone number! Also, please leave your application number.

To go to the booking calendar, click here