What is your relationship with soil? Post a #SoilSelfie!

The soil under our feet sustains life. There may be more organisms in a handful of soil than there are people on Earth. Our current way of using land threatens to render the soil unsuitable for cultivation during the next 60 years. We are in danger of losing the foundation of all life. The soil needs our attention now.

World Soil Day is celebrated on December 5, 2020. We challenge everyone to turn their eyes to the ground!


  1. Think about what your own soil relationship is like. Does it involve, for example, walking in the forest or on a sand path, collecting berries or mushrooms, cultivation or pottery? Is there meaningful land for you in the yard, field, forest, wasteland or in a kid’s sandbox?
  2. Take a picture that tells something about your relationship with soil and share it on social media with the tag #SoilSelfie between November 30 to December 6.


These cards tell you why soil is vital and worth caring about. Feel free to copy and save the images and share them on social media with the tag #SoilSelfie.


In the background

The #SoilSelfie campaign has been designed by Baltic Sea Action Group, Helsinki Designmuseum, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation and Forum for Environmental Information. All these actors are working to increase awareness of the importance of soil.

Until January, Designmuseum is hosting an exhibition Soil Matters, which explores the materiality of the earth and its intertwining with human activity.

International Soil at Risk Symposium in June 2021 brings together researchers, farmers, industry and policy makers. Visit Soil Matters exhibition Check Soil at Risk website

World Soil Day (WSD), 5 December is the United Nations Observance that celebrates healthy soils for a food-secure future. This years’ campaign “Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity” urges us to focus our attention on the workers belowground – from tiny bacteria to agile millipedes and slimy earthworms – all of which contribute to processes that are indispensable to life on Earth.