Katko Tapio

We will write a non-fiction book, based on research about water services (domestic water and wastewater) that are invaluable societal public services. Wastewater services often constitute a major part of communities’ environmental protection investments. The team of authors consists of four associate professors, one professor and one graphical designer, and together they will produce a book clearing up the myths related to water services and their realities. The book is based on an existing book in Finnish but will be completely rethought and rewritten for foreign readers using mainly international sources. In addition, reflections from colleagues from various continents will be requested. A native sector professional will be responsible for a final linguistic polish. The book will be published by IWA Publishing, London, as an open source document as well as a print-on-demand book. The publishers’ sister organisation has approximately 10,000 members including individuals, enterprises and national sector associations, making for a very large potential readership. In particular, the grant will be used for dissemination purposes.