Jurgilevich Alexandra

Mapping of future climate risks in Helsinki. The role of urban climate governance in climate risk formation and alleviation. Scientific community understands and models fairly well current climate risks, especially the biophysical part of it (IPCC 2014). However, literature suggests that the socio-economic factors play crucial role in climate risk formation (IPCC 2014, Räsänen et al. 2016). Additionally, our research has shown that little is known and little is being done in regards to future climate risk assessments (Jurgilevich et al. 2017). However, analyzing future climate risks, and particularly the future socio-economic factors, is crucial for current policy-making and urban planning. This research contributes to exploring the role of socio-economic factors in climate risk formation and alleviation. It also uses the identified conceptual and methodological approaches to map, assess and explore future climate risk drivers for Helsinki. Focus is on the dynamic changes in socio-economic and spatial drivers, such as city development, population structure, well-being, state of economy, infrastructure.