Join the Nessling team to promote sustainability transformations – the autumn grant call will open on August 15th!

If you are an environmental researcher or actor who facilitates sustainability transformations to protect natural systems, we are looking for you! This year, the Nessling Foundation’s general grant call is open from August 15th to September 9th, with a total of 2.3 million euros awarded in grants.

The research community is united in their understanding of the fact that the current decade is a time for crucial action. Therefore, we urgently need to achieve a shift towards an ecological future on all levels of society. We believe that research can change the world. 

We support researchers of various disciplines as well as projects that see themselves as a part of the necessary change and of protecting natural systems. 

Submit your application to join us in building an ecologically sustainable future!

What is a sustainability transformation to protect natural systems?

In the midst of the current ecological crisis, society and its various sectors will have to to take into consideration both the capacity of our planet and humanity’s dependence on natural systems.​

During sustainability transformations, society as a whole and all of its sectors – politics, people, nature, urban and rural, ways of thinking – undergo a transition. We are looking for scientific research that facilitates or supports the sustainability transformation specifically on natural systems’ terms. 

This does not mean that researchers should have all the answers when it comes to mitigation. Rather, researchers need to understand how their research contributes to protecting natural systems and understanding the necessary transformation. Therefore, a basic research project may also be eligible for funding from our Foundation, provided that the researcher understands the role of their research project in solving environmental challenges as well as the social relevance of the project and is able to express this.

Natural systems are systems formed by other species and their habitats. These systems support all life, including human life. 

Who can apply for a grant from us this year?

Projects suited for receiving funding from the Foundation include interdisciplinary projects as well as projects dealing with specific disciplines and basic research projects in addition to applied research. In particular, the Foundation supports projects that promote cooperation between different disciplines or sectors and the transfer of information to its users through communications and cooperation. 

Those applying for a grant will need to explain how their project promotes a sustainability transformation to protect natural systems.​

This year, we will award funding as follows:

  • Personal grants for doctoral thesis researchers (a grant of a maximum of four years)
  • Personal grants for young post-doc researchers who have completed their dissertation no longer than five years ago (a grant of a maximum of two years)
  • Grants for implementation projects where research is put into practical use through cooperation between the producers and users of information (a grant of a maximum of one year)

Read more about the grant types and the criteria for grants here.

With the autumn’s call, we will award a total of 2.3 million euros in grants. Our main focus is on research grants. As in previous years, it is possible to apply for a grant for projects dedicated to resolving one or more of the following phenomena threatening natural systems:

  • Climate change
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Water risks
  • Chemicalization and pollution of habitats

Where can I find more information and guidance?

We held an info session on the 2022 grant call on June 9th. The event was not recorded, but the information can be found on our website or by clicking this link to see last year’s (2021) livestream. The information is still entirely relevant.

Are you unsure if your specific project is eligible for funding from the Nessling Foundation? What should you take into account while drafting your application’s required communication and interaction plan? Starting from August, you can use our booking calendar to book grant application sparring times with us. We will update our social media when the booking calendar is open!

Read how funded projects are selected on our blog.