Helpful tips and links for grant call 2019

Are you still pondering over your grant application? Book a counseling appointment with Foundation’s Research Director and read answers to frequently asked questions. The call is open 12.8.–13.9.

In the 2019 call, we are looking for solutions linked to five phenomena. The project can also solve more than one of the phenomena mentioned below.

  1. Climate change
  2. Decrease in biodiversity
  3. Sustainability of the use of natural resources
  4. Water risks
  5. Chemical pollution and contamination of the living environment

Below you’ll find helpful tips and links for your application.

Discuss your application with Foundation’s Research Director

Foundation’s Research Director Minttu Jaakkola offers personal grant counseling at Nessling Foundation’s office in Punavuori (Fredrikinkatu 20 B 16, Helsinki) or by phone. Book a 30-minute time slot here.

Read our FAQ

Is it possible to apply for a grant for more than one project at a time?

Unfortunately, applicants aren’t allowed to send multiple applications. Each applicant can submit only one application in one category.

Can I apply for a grant that covers only part of my total project funding?

We are more than happy to be part of co-funded projects. All research funding received from elsewhere for the same research topic and all pending applications must be reported in the application, as well as any other noteworthy research funding received in recent years.

When will the grant period begin?

The earliest possible grant payment day is 1.1.2020 but you can also apply for postponement. If your project starts at the end of the year 2020, we recommend that you apply in our 2020 grant call.

Does the Foundation offer support for communication and interaction? Each applicant will fill out a communication and interaction plan for their project. The plan helps you to recognize your stakeholders and communication tools right at the beginning of the project. We recommend that you include communication expenses in your budget.
In the application budget, you’ll find a specific slot reserved for communication and interaction. In addition, grant receivers may use Nessling Nest for their project events and even streaming of video lectures.

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Read carefully the criteria for grants and application instructions. Each year we have to reject applications that are inadequate or do not comply with our instructions.

Read our blog on how funded projects are selected.

Take a look at what we have funded before.