Terraube Julien

Uusia lähestymistapoja Suomen luonnonsuojelualueiden tehokkuuden arviointiin suurpetokantojen säilyttämiseksiA sound evaluation of the effectiveness of Protected Areas (PA) in halting habitat loss and species decline is a global conservation priority. In this project, I will use an innovative counterfactual approach overcoming previous methodological weaknesses and assess for the first time the effectiveness of Finnish PAs in conserving large carnivores. By using the unique opportunity offered by track count data collected through the Wildlife Triangle Scheme I will be able to assess spatial variation in population trends for four large carnivore species across the national PA network and relate them to protection status, PA management and landscape connectivity. This project will be developed in close collaboration with Metsähallitus, LUKE, Riistakeskus, the University of Helsinki and the Ministry of the Environment in order to provide a first assessment of the role of PAs for large carnivore population recovery in the current context of increased pressure from illegal killing.