Privacy policy

The information provided in E-Nessi constitutes a personal data register under the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation is the controller. The Science and Executive Director Minttu Jaakkola acts as the contact person.

The collected personal data are used when processing the grant applications and managing the funded projects.

The register contains the information provided in grant applications and the information necessary for payment of grants (bank account, social security number, granted sum, date of payment and other payment details). The social security number is required for notifications made to the Tax Administration and the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela.

The electronic connection to E-Nessi is protected by SSL-protocol. The personal data register comprised of the information provided in E-Nessi can be only accessed with a user name and password that are solely given to the appointed administrators and the named employees and experts of the Foundation. The server is situated in locked and controlled premises.

The collected data are stored as long as the information is needed for reporting and evaluation purposes of the projects.

Hard copies of the registered data are stored in locked and controlled premises.

In E-Nessi, the project leader can access all the information on the project. Other researchers may, upon request, gain entry to their personal data and other information of the project, except the personal data of other project members.

The amounts and recipients of grants are published at the website of Foundation.

The applicants and recipients of grants have the right to inspect the personal data related to themselves. The requests should be directed to the Science and Executive Director Minttu Jaakkola.

The official description of data protection procedures of Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation (a pfd-file in Finnish).